IU and KAI stunningly poses together for new Blackyak Macaron Fleece Jacket

Gorgeous model beside a gorgeous model!

On a recent update of Blackyak’s Official Website, IU and KAI, the Blackyak’s selected official models, finally had their most-awaited photoshoot together for the brand.

IU and KAI, who were both well-known singers, models, and brand ambassadors, made everyone impressed by their undeniable god-like features and adorable charm together. They were both wearing the new Blackyak’s Macaron Fleece Jacket. Visit Blackyak’s official website now and get a chance to save 38% for their early bird sale and to wear a matching Macaron Fleece Jacket with IU and KAI.

Check out the new Blackyak’s Macaron Fleece Jackets and get the early bird discount here:



More ravishing photos of IU and KAI from Blackyak’s Official Twitter (@blackyak_dpm) were recently released. The new adorable jackets of Blackyak can be purchased at Gmarket. Check their official tweet for more information on how to avail their Macaron Fleece Jackets.

Earlier this year, Blackyak had a 2021 Spring & Summer Collection featuring IU for the Women Collection while KAI for the Men Collection. Since then, everyone anticipated an IU and KAI photoshoot together. We’d love to see more of IU and KAI in one frame in the future.

always inlove with asia’s first love

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always inlove with asia’s first love

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