‘No-Skip Album’; KAI first solo album ‘K开I’s side-tracks having dance covers by Idols

As Kai’s album is recognized as a ‘no-skip album’, Idols also mention and share dance covers for the side tracks of it.

K开I, KAI’s first solo mini-album was released last November 30, 2020, consisting of 6 songs: Hello Stranger, Ride or Die, Nothing On Me, Amnesia, Reason, and the title track, Mmmh. All of his songs were aesthetically introduced to everyone through the special film video ‘FILM:KAI’ and were personally curated by KAI, the artist himself.

Here are some of the Idols cover to KAI’s album:

  1. Cignature’s Sunn and Semi

Sunn and Semi, from the Kpop girl group, Cignature, made their own cover dance to Hello Stranger, one of Kai’s album side tracks.

2. The Boyz’ Juyeon and Eric

On The Boyz’ recent Vlive broadcast, our lovely boys, Juyeon and Eric, danced to KAI and EXO’s songs, one of them is their dance cover to Reason that gained lots of attention.

Watch Juyeon and Eric’s amazing dance cover to Reason here:


They also danced to Mmmh, check it here:


3. CIX’ Hyunsuk

As a New Year gift to his fans, CIX’ Hyunsuk gave us a gift of his beautiful KAI’s Hello Stranger dance cover.


4. E’LAST’ Rano

On E’LAST official twitter account (@ELASTofficial), E’LAST member, Rano shared his dance cover to KAI’s Hello Stranger and Mmmh.

Check the full video here:

Check out Kai’s ‘음 (Mmmh)’ Official Music Video and FILM:KAI here:


always inlove with asia’s first love

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always inlove with asia’s first love

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