The Never-ending List of KAI’s ‘Mmmh’ dance covers by Idols even after months of its release

‘음 (Mmmh)’, the title song for Kai’s first mini-album ‘K开I’, is gaining everyone’s attention from its release until this day. This record-breaker song is getting non-stop international and local charts on craze.

Kai proves himself again with the title “Idol of Idols” as idols are still covering Mmmh after months since its official release.

Here are some of the idols/trainees who adds up on the never-ending list of Mmmh dance covers:

  1. TXT Yeonjun

TXT Yeonjun, posts his amazing Mmmh Dance Cover on their official Twitter account (@TXT_members) and cutely shares that he didn’t intend to match out the outfits he used with Kai’s, it’s very similar to Kai’s outfit for the Mmmh Dance Practice video.

2. DKB Heechan

Heechan from boy group, DKB, made another Mmmh Dance Cover again this time during their VLIVE broadcast.

Check out DKB Heechan’s cover for Kai’s ‘음 (Mmmh)’ for the group’s Freeze Tag Dance video he uploaded before!

3. ATEEZ San

San from the boy group, ATEEZ made a short cover for Kai’s ‘음 (Mmmh)’ during a recent VLIVE broadcast

On March 26, San posted his Mmmh Dance Cover on their group’s official Twitter account (@ATEEZofficial).

4. Qiu Bohan

Chinese idol and choreographer, Qiu Bohan danced to Mmmh on the show Share LIfe / 同一屋檐下!

5. Duan Xingxing

Duan Xingxing’s, a trainee from QCYN 3 shared his cool Mmmh Dance Cover.

Check it out here:

6. BVNDIT Seungeun

Seungeun from girl group, BVNDIT has flawlessly covered her dance to Kai’s Mmmh in her recent post.

7. T1419 Kevin

T1419 Kevin happily danced to Kai’s Mmmh on their guesting to Fact in Star show.

8. A.C.E Chan

Chan from boy group A.C.E has covered Kai’s ‘음 (Mmmh)’ during a recent VLIVE broadcast.

9. Fanxy Red’s Roy

On March 28th, Roy from Fanxy Red, chinese girl group, posted on their official Twitter account about his dance practice video for Kai’s Mmmh.

10. BAE173’s Hangyul

BAE173’s main dancer, Hangyul, shared a bit of Mmmh’s dance on their fansigning event and fans are asking for more of his Mmmh dance cover!

11. The Boyz’s Juyeon and Eric

Juyeon and Eric of The Boyz, looks so cool and cute while happily vibing and dancing a bit to Mmmh, we’re gonna wait for the full Mmmh dance cover.

On June 27, they both did an Mmmh dance cover during their Vlive broadcast.

Check out the clip here:

12. TNT

TNT, a chinese boy group, did an impromptu dance cover of Mmmh.

Also, Liu Yaowen, member of TNT, did an amazing Mmmh dance cover alone.

Here’s the full Mmhh cover on his weibo post:

13. E’LAST’ Rano

Rano, leader of the south korean boy group, E’LAST, also shared his flawless dance to Mmmh.

14. D-CRUNCH’s Chanyoung and Jungseung

Chanyoung and Jungseung of D-CRUNCH, welcomed the month of June with their incredible dance moves to Kai’s Mmmh uploaded on their official Instagram account (@d_crunch_official) and official twitter account (@DIA_CRUNCH).

Watch them here:

Who are the other idols you want to see their own version of Kai’s Mmmh dance?

Check out Kai’s ‘음 (Mmmh)’ Official Music Video here:

always inlove with asia’s first love

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always inlove with asia’s first love

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